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Save Money & Time on Residential Snow Plowing

Save Money and Time on Residential Snowplowing in Mansfield and Richland County Ohio Area

A-1 Evans Snowplowing service has been in business in the Mansfield and Richland County area for 17 years. In Ohio it can be 50° on one day, and a foot of snow the next. I have seen it snow before Halloween one year, then not before Christmas the next. It is important to plan ahead on your snow removal needs. Being specific on what you want done and the timeframe it needs to be done. I would also add that being a salesperson for that company could cut your costs to nothing.

Most of our adjustable costs for plowing are the price of fuel and labor. In our case if you get us 10 driveways in your neighborhood, we will do yours for free. Any amount of driveways under 10 and we will negotiate a better price for everyone. Also, companies prioritize all of their plow contracts. The more driveways, the higher you move up on our priority list. They don’t tell you that, but it is true (except you would be my #1 priority).

The more specific you can be on the details of the job, the more satisfied you will be with the services. When getting an estimate, list your specifications like shoveling, salt, calcium chloride, and where you want to put the snow so all companies have the same specs. When any of these things change, the price will change. Some companies do not salt or shovel, so make sure when you call around for estimates you make it clear whether you want this done or not.

All plow contractors have certain routes they run. The time it snows and the amount of snow determines when a contractor starts his/her route. If you leave for work at 7:30 and we have a snow storm at 6:00, I might not have had a chance to do yours yet. We do about 75% of all our plowing in the middle of the night in order to meet our customer’s needs. When organizing neighboring groups for snowplowing, just remember to be specific on the timeframe and make sure all members of the group have the same timeframe as you.

Tips on hiring a snowplow contractor:

  • Ask for proof of Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
  • The more reputable businesses will have a telephone book listing and a website

I know it sounds like I’m trying to make a salesperson out of you, and I am. I need good sales people. Even if you get one other person your plow bill will be less than if you are a single customer. In regards to saving time, if you tell all contractors the same information when obtaining estimates, no one’s time would be wasted. We do all snow removal services except on roofs. One last thing you need to know about A-1 Evans Snowplowing is that we would tell you if you are out of our route area so you could get a better rate from another company.

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