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How to Hire a Painting Contractor

How to Hire a Painting Contractor

By Tom Evans, Owner: A-1 Evans Professional Contractors

            My name is Tom Evans (how ya doin?). I’m an owner of a small construction company (shout out Mansfield, Ohio) that services Richland and surrounding counties in Ohio. Painting is one of the best and least expensive home improvements. Many people do not like to paint; if you are one of these people this information is for you. Always get three (3) bids, find out what product the contractor recommends, call the store of the recommended product, check references, and last but not least “Google” the contractor’s name, company name, company phone number, and call the Better Business Bureau.

Get at least three (3) estimates. An estimate is like a first date; a painting contractor is on his/her best behavior and you’re not going to marry them after one date. Always use the product the painting contractor recommends. People think money can be saved by supplying the paint. The contractor gets a better price than you do, so you normally don’t save money by providing the product. This also gives the contractor something to blame if a problem occurs.

Another smart thing to do is to call the store where the contractor buys paint; tell them he is bidding a job for you and any information would be appreciated. Ask if the contractor pays his/her bills on time, is he/she honest, and if they have had any problems with his/her company. You will normally hear nice things because the contractor uses this particular product, but if the contractor is a skunk you will start to smell something bad about now.

Ask your painting contractor for references and when given some, don’t be afraid to check them out. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If you need a kitchen painted and the contractor has given you a reference for an exterior paint job; that is of no help to you. Exterior painting and interior painting are different skill sets, so make sure you are comparing something very similar to the work you want done. Don’t be afraid to talk to his references (a couple are probably friends and family) and if he doesn’t have any he is probably a skunk.

“Google” is a great tool to use to pick a painting contractor. “Google” any name, company or owner, phone numbers, email addresses of anyone you are thinking about doing business with. This will separate established business from start-ups.

Lastly, call the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB will tell you how many complaints a business has received by them over a period of time, and if the issues have been resolved.

Make sure you also check insurances; both liability and Workers’ Compensation. These tips take very little time and are critical in keeping skunks off your property.

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